Aircraft Technical Records Audits

General Audit

The Aircraft Records Audits are used with the purpose of obtaining the current status of the subject aircraft and records. Our staff physical inspect the aircraft & records and develop a comprehensive listing of outstanding Airworthiness Directives, Hard Life Limited components, maintenance intervals and other time life critical items on the airframe and engines. Our findings will also include our observations and listings of outstanding maintenance items

Lease Return Record Audit

The AMI-PS offers a comprehensive record auditing service. We are specialized in both on-site and desktop record audits on various aircraft types.

Our team thoroughly reviews all aspects of the aircraft continuing airworthiness records. This would typically include Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins, Life-Limited Parts traceability, Maintenance history, Modifications and the approved Maintenance Programme. The review includes all aspects of the airframe, power-plant and landing gear maintenance records.

Our record auditing services are suitable for aircraft pre-purchases, pre-lease, mid-lease and re-delivery. All our work is carried out to the highest international standards.

  • Lease Appraisals
  • Return off Lease Appraisals
  • Engine Shop Visit Rep
  • Heavy Check Rep
  • Aircraft Valuation Spread sheet
  • Aircraft Market Letter
  • Aircraft Appraisal (Desktop Appraisal)
  • Portfolio Valuations
  • Aircraft Part Inventory (Desktop Appraisals)
  • Aircraft Appraisal (Physical Appraisal)
  • Aircraft Appraisal (physical Appraisal) with Full Records Audit

Aircraft Redelivery

AMI-PS  provide all the services necessary for aircraft delivery / redelivery. Our service includes delivery/redelivery inspections, contract adherence, historical record retrieval, records review , demonstration flights. We'll also reduce your risk during this period, because we understand aircraft lease and return provisions and the importance of evaluating the condition of the returning aircraft well in advance so as to mitigate any last minute surprises.

Job scope includes:

  • Understanding and defining the redelivery/delivery condition of the aircraft
  • Workscope definition and control
  • Budgetary planning and cost control
  • MRO selection and management of MRO during the lease end check
  • Continuous on-site overview of the MRO during the maintenance input to ensure schedules and budgets are met
  • Favorable resolution of contractual issues
  • Ensuring compliance with contractual return/delivery conditions
  • Ensuring on time delivery/redelivery